2229 Avenue Dollard, 2è étage
Lasalle, QC  H8N 1S2

Group Hugg 36 x 36

Group Hugg SHAND 36W x 36H

Monica is my name

Monica is my name DUCROS 30" c

Temporary pain of life 36 x 40 sold

Temporary pain of life SHAND 36W x 40H sold

Betty's Ducky's Bath

Betty's Ducky's Bath DUCROS 30" x 60"

Magical Enya Falls 30W x 48H small

Magical Enya Falls SHAND 30W x 48H

Sur la plus haute branche

Sur la plus haute branche DUCROS 24"

Waterfall in Dominican Republic 30W x 48H small

Waterfall in Dominican Republic SHAND 30W x 48H

Awakening _48w x 24H _2015

Awakeing SHAND 48W x 24H

Spiral of leaves 24 x 36 plus border small

Spiral of Leaves SHAND 24W x 36H

Lusty splash 24W x 36H

Lusty splash SHAND 24W x 36H